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. this is an upset victory of epic proportionses, the repercussions all the way to washington and possibly felt in the 2010 mid terms, but in massachusetts, it's an astounding victory. a number of reasons why. only 12 percent of voters in the state are republican. just taking that into account t. means that scott brown pulled in a tremendous amount of those independent voters that make up over half the voters in the state, and that is wh >> reporter: what the procedure will be from there, how long this will take. we may of course have to wait for some information from other lawmakers and the secretary of state, but those pieces, coming together right now, we're waiting to hear what brown has to say within the hour, jon. jon: molly line in boston, thank you molly. jane: it is a whole new ballgame on capitol hill, now that republicans have the 41 seats in the senate, as the 2010 political season gets underway, here's what senator john mccain said on the senate floor moments ago. i'm going to be paraphrasing because we're waiting for the videotape. last night was the -- last night was the shot fir
for house minority leader john boehner, michael steele put out a statement, saying, quote given washington democrats' unprecedented spending binge, this is like announcing you are going on a diet after winning a pie-eating contest. jon. >> all right, so what is the president doing today? >> reporter: well, he is going to -- has been meeting with senior advisors and around lunch time will meet with business leaders and this afternoon, the president and the vice president will meet in the oval office, with the defense secretary, robert gates, later on this afternoon. >> molly henneberg at the white house. thank you. >> let's bring in stuart varney, the anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business network and let's start with the numbers, can you explain in layman's terms what it means as taxpayers and some say it is a drop in the bucket. >> i agree it doesn't mean much, jane to be honest with you. if the pay freeze -- i'm sorry, the spending freeze is indeed imposed and lived up to it may save ten billion dollars per year, it may. the whole question about whether or not it is actually go
on this live from washington. this has to be giving the gop and its supporters a boost going into the 2010 mid-term elections, shannon. >> you are certainly right, jon, it gives them a shot in the arm but top republicans say they were not surprised to see key democrats stepping aside, saying they know the public backlash about what they've been doing in washington and across the country is coming, here's what michael steele told us this morning. town halls are coming back to bite, and that bite is going to get a lot stronger as we go through the course. >> and he went on to say, hey, when you stand in front of your constituents, they are upset and you're ignoring them or talking on a cell phone or asking them for their i.d. before you answer questions, you're going to get yourself in trouble, jon. jon: it's not just republicans who are admitting this is a problem, right? >> you're right. take doug shoen, worked on a number of top democratic campaigns for a number of years, he says democrats are facing a potential tsunami and added this. >> i think the democrats who are now retiring, plus the f
cross spearheading the rescue effort and james rosen is in washington for us. obviously the red cross as so often is playing a critical role here. >> yes, of course, john and in fact it is from the red cross operation in haiti that we have gotten so far our most reliable and grimmest estimate yet of the dest toll, something on the order of 45 to 50,000 people, killed by the earthquake, according to red cross officials, in haiti. another 3 million injured and wounded. and in terms of what the red cross is doing it had a minimal stuff in haiti prior to the quake, about six people and most devoted to hiv an aids prevention efforts. luckily all are believed to be safe and taking part in the response. the icrc, international committee of the red cross dispatched two planes to haiti, one carrying 11 members of staff including two tracing efforts to help people trace loved ones and the separate cargo plane was due to take off today, carlie 40 tons of medical and surgical supplies and 100 stretch,and 3,000 body bags and the icrc opening up a warehouse in panama to provide tarps and cooking se
outlets, including "the washington post" and msnbc, claiming they have been inaccurately reporting the story about him, that there is no allegation in the federal complaint at all about wire tapping, the fed has accused him of, quote, manipulating and somehow, quote, interfering with the phone systems, so james o'keefe, defending himself today. back to you. jon: eric shawn, thank you. on monday at 9:00 p.m. eastern, o'keefe will appear on hannity. it will be his first interview since that incident. it is a fox news exclusive, monday, 9:00 p.m. jane: we're getting word the nigerian student accused of trying to bring down a flight bound for detroit on christmas day could strike a deal with prosecutors. there have been a whole lot of questions about the decision to try him in civilian court as opposed to putting him in the military system, and treating him as an enemy combatant. critics are concerned he was read his rights too quickly and clammed up. a plea deal could mean that umar farek abdulmutallab would give up more information but the question is what might he get in exchange. m
found his home or something else of interest, we will take you back there live. jon: in washington, house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats on both sides of capitol hill are close to a final deal on health care reform. house leaders are about to lay out their strategy for merging the house and senate bills in a closed-door meeting with the entire democratic caucus. james rosen is live in washington. this is going to be a private meeting, james. so what about the president's campaign promises of transparency here? >> well, it is an issue in this town right now, jon. candidate obama, in 2008, vowed repeatedly to televise the negotiations on c-span and feed them over the internet. asked about the promises on tuesday and about c-span's request this week seeking just that kind of access, white house press secretary robert gibbs said he hasn't seen c-span's request and the number one priority is getting the differences in the house and senate bills worked out. he also said president obama does not regret making those promises. on wednesday, yesterday, gibbs essentially refused to enter
in washington. >> reporter: after weeks of polling and visits by high profile support e. it all comes down to today. both the democrat in massachusets, attorney general martha coakley and republican state senator scott brown cast their ballots this morning. now it is about last-minute campaigning for the two. the massachusets secretary of state pretties an enormous turnout for a special election, roughly in the neighborhood of about 2 million voters. while registered democrats outnumber republicans in the bay state by a 3-1 margin, most analysts do agree that today's election is going to be about independent voters, how fired up are they actually to get out to the polls, which way will they lean. some polls in recent days may have hurt coakley but both sides agree this race is about much more. >> this is a lot bigger than a couple of gaffs by martha coakley. this is overwhelmingly an outpouring and a surge of support for scott brown and for his vision. he's been having rallies the last few days, where thousands of people have been showing up. >> there's no question about it, this is a hors
washington. jim, with about a trillion dollars health care reform bill in each house, they both had to come up with a way to pay for it, right? >> a sizeable sum here, jon. yes, both the house and senate would cut about $500 billion from medicare. they're a like in that sense. lots of questions about whether or not they'll actually follow through on that. if so, what the impact would be on seniors but they also need a lot of new revenue. the house would raise it by imposing a 5.4% surtax on those with gross income of $500,000 or more a year. strictly a money-raising move, with no impact on health care itself, suspended -- the senate on the other hand raises revenues through a 40 percent tax on so-called cadillac plans, health insurance that costs more than $23,000 a family. >> we have to come up with serious financing, and this is an obvious place to do it. it's the largest untaxed fringe benefit in the u.s. tax code so i think the money drove them to it. >> obama advisers say the tax is aimed at benefits like the ones that wall street bankers had, but the vast majority of those with such p
an interesting job ahead in washington, my friend. >> reporter: i always do. >> major garrett, thank you. >> we have unemployment at 10% and the president made it clear part of the his job is to create jobs. the president called on congress, the senate specifically to pass a new jobs bill, the house passed and soon, as possible, take a listen: >> president barack obama: people are out of work. they are hurting. they need our help. i wanted a jobs bill on my desk without delay. >> stuart varney is the anchor of "varney & company" on fox business network and ran from his studio to ours, is he out of breath, can you breathe, stuart. >> it's a good story, i'm not out of breath. >> and you are not one to shy away from telling us what you really think and my question for you, is a second stimulus, a new jobs bill, do we need it. >> politically we need it, politically the president needs it. politically the democrats really want it. and they a likely to get it -- are likely to get it and should be in the neighborhood of $150 billion. and it is expected to pass and be on the president's desk quickly an
health care and put washington back on the size of main street, rather than insurance companies. >> reporter: it will also be a call for democrats and republicans to work together, which a tough sell for a president with a polarized following, 88 percent of democrats approving of his job performance, only 23 percent of republicans, jane. jane: wendell goler at the white house, thanks wendell. jon so what do americans want to hear? what do you want to hear when the president speaks tonight? a new "wall street journal"-nbc news poll finds 51 percent say the president has paid too little attention to the economy, 42 percent say the right amount, 5 percent say too much. fox news contributor karl rove was senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush, he knows well the preparation that goes into writing one of these big speeches and presenting it. karl, given that 51 percent figure, 51 percent think that the president should spend more time object the economy -- on the economy, how does he address that tonight, does he say oops, sorry, i wasted too much time on
's family says that josh decided to move with their kids to washington state after spending the holiday with relatives there. susan is 28, she has not been seen since the seventh of december, that is when her husband said he took their two little boys camping. there were a lot of questions because the conditions were very cold that night and he is said to have left after midnight, but again, no rest in this case, she is still missing. jon: president obama is ordering more security and improved intelligence analysis in the wake of the christmas day terror attempt on that northwest airlines flight. that includes training more air marshals, using better technology to detect explosives at airports, and about a dozen other changes to try to fix the terror watch list and distribute intelligence faster. is it enough to prevent a determined enemy from striking? let's ask steve pomerand, former fbi director and when the president says he ordered intelligence agencies to do a better job of intelligence sharing, steve, sounds great. can it work? >> sure it can work. i'm not sure the problem here w
in washington, major, democratic leaders meeting with the president. what does the white house believe they are close to working out with him, with the president, that is, on health care? >> reporter: jon, there is not a hard and fast time clock on this, but there is some sense in town, and here at the white house, that maybe something could come together on a tentative basis, a general agreement, maybe by as early as this friday. there are 13 combined democrats at the white house meeting with the president and his senior staff right now, from the house and senate, all the key negotiators. there are several issues, how much do you tax health benefits, is there going to be a national exchange, a 50 state exchange to purchase health care, what is the abortion restriction language going to be as far as federal funding for universal health care, all those things are pending, but the white house hopes they can achieve something -- they all can agree on by the end of this year. not clear that's going to happen, though. jon: major garrett at the white house, thank you. jane: awaiting more inf
are muslims from the washington, d.c. area and authorities in pakistan say they have ties to al-qaeda, they were plotting attacks inside of pakistan. police and prosecutors are denying the men are being treated badly, they say the men did not bring up those complaints during the hearing. prosecutors must now decide whether to bring these men to trial. jon: a fox news alert, and we are just getting word of another earthquake, this one, magnitude 6. o, it hit off the coast of guatemala on the pacific side, near the border with el salvador. the earthquake said to be about 64 miles below the surface. once again, hit about 60 miles southeast of guatemala city. according to the japan measurement of the rickter scale, a magnitude 6. o earthquake is enough to platen poorly constructed buildings, however, substantial buildings should not be seriously affected, and once again, this earthquake was about 60 miles off the coast as opposed to the earthquake that recently hit haiti, that earthquake, just about 10 miles away from the center of port-au-prince. it sounds as they this guatemalan e
in washington d.c. it's the march for life protesting the 37th an verse oi the -- anniversary of the supreme court's ruling legalizing abortion. jon: the forecast for california calls for dryer weather this weekend, but the threat of mudslides remains. jane: from the headlines to the auction block now, the air bus that captain the sully splash landed in the hudson river will go to the highest bidder. you want to get your bid in, though, you should know this plane is being sold as is. jon: when there is abject destruction all around you, how do you get out of town? some 200,000 haitians are leaving their homes because, well, they simply don't exist anymore. u.s. forces are facing the major challenge of rebuilding the heavily-damaged port in the capital city. meantime, hope is fading for finding more victims in the rubble ten days after the quake. american families are making a new plea for help in searching for four florida college students still missing. they were staying at the hotel montana in port-au-prince. brian wilson is streaming live for us there. brian? >> yeah. actually we're about
. jon: shannon bream in washington, thank you. jane: the nba spent hours answering questions from police about why he had guns in the locker room and supposedly pulled one on one of his teammates, the washington wizards. what he's saying about the incident now? we'll tell you. >> i'm harris falkner at the breaking news desk, in denver, colorado, a man hunt for three men who were part of a big group that stormed this home that you see. it's an inincorporated part of adams county in the denver met ro, there were two teenage girls in there and what they described is a nightmare, four men entered the home, masked gunmen, held guns to the young girls' heads, threatened to harm them if they didn't stay quiet. somehow or another, a call for help was made. when police showed up, the men came out of the house, opening fire, the two teenage girls got shot in the process but they're going to be okay today. they nabbed one of the suspects. three got away. so that's who they're looking for now. just got off the phone with the adams county sheriff's office, they said they were looking up until an hour
to washington, d.c. right now, the vice president, one of the jobs he was given when they swept into office a little more than a year ago, was to chair what the president called the middle class task force. that's aimed at helping the middle class. vice president biden and president obama are announcing some new measures today toward that end. let's listen in. >> -- can't have a strong america without a growing middle class. it's that simple. it's that basic. and right now, the middle class is nowhere near as strong as it needs to be. so next month, the middle class task force is going to deliver its final rereport -- not final, its year-end report, to the president, and this afternoon, we're spotlighting some of the items in that report that the president is going to be including in the upcoming budget. and these include, first of all, an expansion of the child care tax credit. since 2000, child care costs have grown significantly faster than inflation. and twice as fast, twice as fast, as the median income of families with children. and that's why we're asking congress to nearly double th
says her body was pulled from the rubble this morning. the washington state native was in haiti, volunteering with the group friends of the or fans, a second american volunteer also killed in that statement building, a mass is scheduled today at the high school, high tower graduated from, in 2005. the united states is taking the lead in the rescue and relief efforts on the ground in haiti and it is not an easy task with so much of that country so devastated. just minutes ago, the state department held a briefing updating us on the situation. on the ground and what is being done to get americans out of the country. mike emmanuel is in washington and what is the state department saying about the challenges that americans are finding there, mike? >> john, the state department is saying they estimate that southern command officials estimate a maximum of 90 flights were day, can be hand by the airport there in port-au-prince and that includes take offs and landings. so the emphasis right now, is prioritizing those flights to get the most vital flights into and out of countrieses. reg
in washington this hour, waiting for the president to speak, he will be talking in a few moments about big banks, he is taking aim at big banks, we'll tell you what it could cost them, what it means for you as a taxpayer. also watching history on capitol hill, all eyes on senator-elect scott brown of massachusetts, a man who has turned into a political power player virtually overnight, at the cap to the building, getting ready to meet with senator mitch mcconnell. he has had sitdowns with two very powerful senators there on gip sit sides of the aisle, both of them have run for the presidency, john cey, john mccain. caroline shively is tracking his movements in the capitol building. we've seen him tracked down by camera and reporters. what's he saying? >> reporter: he's saying voters and congress is telling him to get on his business, he wants to see more transparency around the halls of congress. the big question has been health cay because he of course is the 41st vote against the democrats' agenda of health care reform. but he did point out something interesting, he said look, i voted for heal
obama scrapped the deal in part of a ship-based system. washington has said it wants russia to share more details about its plans. jon we're just getting word the president will be meeting with the house democratic caucus on thursday evening as part of the annual issues conference. the hot topic of health care reform sure to be and the -- to be on the agenda there. mike emanuel is at the white house now. where do voters, the american people stand on this health care plan now, mike? >> president obama's approval rateing in terms of how he's handling the issue of health care has taken a hit, the latest cbs news poll out says the president's approval rating on health care is down to 36 percent, an all-time low, to 54 percent disapproving of his handling of health care. to give you a comparison in terms of this particular poll, he had 42 percent support of health care reform in december, 47 percent support in october. and so the president's approval ratings on this particular issue have taken quite a bit in -- quite a hit in recent months, jon ment jon: is there going to be a political p
of republicans. janet bream is keeping an eye on it live from washington. so who are senator reid's biggest defenders now, janet? >> jon, you can't get any bigger than this. president obama himself, he says he accepts reid's apology without question and that he's personally seen that reid is very passionate about social justice issues, also top civil rights leaders are coming to reid's defense, hillary shelton from the naacp says reid's comments were awkward, but he's forgiven, the apology accepted, even when it comes to the reference to the president's ability to turn on or off a, quote, negro dialect. here's what shelton says. >> barack obama has the ability to speak well to an audience that is predominantly white, as he does for ones that are predominantly african american. if you look at the way he talks about things, like everyone else, if you're at home talking to momma, you speak differently than on the job or hanging out with friends. it's very different. >> shelton praised reid's long history in civil rights work. jon: but there are lots of calls to step down from the leadership po
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